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Plane crashes in NW Vic paddock


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A light plane has crashed near Swan Hill in north-west Victoria. There were two people on board, but no-one was injured.


The plane crashed in a paddock at Lake Boga.



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nobody killed? thats hardly newsworthy now is it. The media cant beat the living daylights out of it and residents cant condemn an airport for being too close.....wheres the story ???




Amen, no funeral to attend this week.....:thumb_up:



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Guest Bendorn

Crash land




1/09/2008 12:20:00 PM


LOCAL doctor and pilot John Dyson-Berry has escaped serious injury while performing an emergency landing of a light plane in a Mallee paddock.


Dr Dyson-Berry was flying back from a clinic accreditation in Edenhope on Friday afternoon with Swan Hill practice manager, Gail Kenyon, when the engine of the Beechcraft Bonanza A36 dropped power at 7500 feet and fell to 3000 feet.


Dr Dyson-Berry, who has been a pilot since 1985, quickly switched fuel tanks and the plane climbed to 3500 feet before the engine failed again.


He managed to land the plane safely in a barley paddock, but as he turned the plane the front wheel dug into the ground and snapped off, flipping the plan over. Dr Dyson-Berry and Ms Kenyon were stuck upside down in their seats but Ms Kenyon kicked in the window of the plane and both got out quickly and safely.



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Real tuff aircraft those Bonazas. ironic that the V tail version was known as the 'fork tail doctor killer'. hmm one tank failed then the other and no fire. i no speculate





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Well I will speculate that you may be right, an over supply of air in the tanks could be the reason for no fire, however if fuel was in the tanks, it may not start a blaze. The wings are remarkably intact, just upside down!


May have been a fuel system problem.


Having said that, most incidents are more along the lines you suggest!:ah_oh: More engine failures are caused by this than any single other problem!





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