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This is why you fly a Stol A/C


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A long way from Kilcoy I'm afraid.


Lake Cooper is near a small central Vic town called Corop which is in between Bendigo and Shepparton.


Once we landed it turned out we knew a few of the riders. They were tickled. Not much difference between motorbike people and plane people I reckon.


How's your new Savvy going?





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Hi Mark


I am going to see my Savy tomorrow it has been inspected for transfer however there are a few things to be tidied up before it can be transferred it's a two hour drive from home to Cominya until I can get it to Kilcoy,


You mentioned bike peoples and plane people being liked minded well as it happens I am an old dirt bile racer from way back so it must be true,







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Guest landmann

Flying along holding altitude at 45mph with flaps down in my Savannah ADV at 4200 rpm I decided to do a 360 turn. Reved up to 4800 rpm and here is the result. Diameter of the circle 580 ft. That means I held altitude and did a pivot around a point with a 290 ft radius at 45 mph. Not something I would reccomend for lesson number 3 in the training group.





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