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Removing Rego numbers from trike.

Guest Peggy2

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I recently changed over to RaAus from HGFA and when removing the old numbers from the wing of my trike the glue stayed put.


Wingtech advised me to use Metho on it but this didn't work, neither did petrol.


The old rego numbers were about thirteen years old before I removed them so the glue has had plenty of time to cure.


Does anyone know of something that will soften the glue so it can be scraped off without damaging the fabric or colour?





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on the terps


I have found old adhesive is more easily removed with turpentine than metho, petrol, or orange cleaner. It is even more effective if allowed to soak a bit. However; I have no idea what it does to fabric, so try a small area first !


Jack. :):)



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We regularly use WD40 to remove stuborn stickers.


There is a HUGE list of uses on their website where we found the info.


Personally I'm scared, not of flying but of xylene, benzene, hexane,etc...


I think it is right up there with asbestos, the silent killers.



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Hi Peggy,


Try Citra Clean, its a natural citrus product and is available from tile supplies stores. We use vinyl stickers all the time in our business and need to remove the old daggy ones regularly and it does get off the old glue. You might have to use a bit of elbow grease but it will get the residue off.





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Try a natrual product called citrasolve to remove the glue. it won't kill you in 20 years time.Similar to the above.


I also have had great success in removing tape, stickers, ect using a small low pressure steam cleaner. it will not hurt your sailcloth and takes not only the sticker but also most of the glue when done right.





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