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Don't mess with oldies


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Three elderly ladies contrived to have a bit of fun. Harry, an elderly male resident of the home where they all lived, had just come through the lounge door. One of the ladies piped up "Harry, we recon we can tell your age", and of course Harry is not one to take any cheek, so says "you bunch of old biddies are stupid, impossible". The ladies took the bait and said "yes we can"---"no you can't" is the reply. Harry thinks for a moment, "how can you do that", "easy," they say. Harry gets to thinking again, may be I will just play along with this and see what it is all about. "What have I got do", "Well first drop your pants, jump up and down three times, and turn around once". "You are all nuts, but I will give it a try". So Harry complies with their request, "Well there, now how old am I?" "87 " they cry in unisen, Stunned Harry asked how did you know that?


" We were at your birthday party yesterday"!!!!!!


Nerver mess with old ladies!



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