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How is this for a dust storm thru Wagga today?


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With the weather front today, we have experienced a brown-out as shown in the attached pics taken at 3.00 pm this arvo.


Glad I'm not in the air trying to get down thru that. Visibility is about what you get in a thick fog.











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I went flying on the weekend and the plane was covered in red dust but nothing like what you're seeing. Today though? Windy as hell over here but no dirt yet. Our highest gust was around 70km/h a few minutes ago so I think we are just getting the beginning of it. Average wind is 60km/h.


Current TAF - 33025G35KT


ATIS - WND: 310/15, MAXIMUM XW 10 KTS RWY 35


I could come in on 30 if I was nuts!



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Weatherzone is showing here @ WNW 29 knots gusting to 47, and where I am it is way more than that on my hill. It's raining a little now so most of the dust is in my pool and on all the cars.



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It's just stepped up a notch here too. Highest gust now 80km/h (43knots) we are getting close to what you got over there!


Did I tie the plane down properly yesterday? :confused:



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Geez.... its like the dust storms of 1982 all over again.:yuk:


I remember being stuck at the Parkes radio telescope visitors centre when a storm hit. The centre is 100m from The Dish, and you could not see it, the dust was that thick.


I looked out over the car park at the height of the gales... trees were horozontal, and every car in the lot was mission brown.





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Geez that dust must be thick:yuk:, the Captain can't even find his way to his computer to contribute to The Never Ending Story:cool:.


Say what you like at the moment Captain, Ians away and Slarti's busy (hopefully):thumb_up::thumb_up::thumb_up:







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