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RA-Aus 760 kg Discussion Paper

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Discussion Paper – DP 0802OS


Mass Increase for Aeroplanes Administered by RAAO




Civil Aviation Orders (CAO) Section 95.55 presently limits aeroplanes administered by Recreational Aviation Australia Inc (RA-Aus) to 544 kg Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) unless they are certificated as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The LSA certification includes landplanes up to 600 kg MTOW and seaplanes up to 650 kg MTOW.


RA-Aus has sought an increase in this limit, up to a maximum of 750 kg MTOW, which corresponds to the upper limit for certification to the Certification Standard - Very Light Aeroplanes (CS-VLA) of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Under the proposed CASR Part 149, RA-Aus would become one of the Recreational Aviation Administration Organisations (RAAO) that would administer (in its case) aeroplanes operated under CASR Part 103. CASA is currently reviewing comments to its consultation on Part 103, which proposed covering aeroplanes up to the LSA limits of 600 kg for landplanes and 650 kg for seaplanes, regardless of certification to this standard. Both LSA and CS-VLA standards have a limit of 2 occupants and a stall speed of 45 kt Calibrated Air Speed (CAS) in the landing configuration.


The Discussion Paper (DP) examines a number of options including the Part 103 proposal, the original RA-Aus requested limit and the now RA-Aus preferred increased limit of 760 kg MTOW, which would allow operators of a significant additional number of 2-place training aeroplanes to choose between CASA and RA-Aus administration. It further seeks comment on whether to retain the existing CASA processes for self-administration of aeroplanes heavier than the LSA mass limits, and is mindful of other proposals for self-administration of light aeroplanes.


Accordingly the DP seeks aviation industry and public comment on the options of increasing the mass limit for self administration of aeroplanes presumptively but not exclusively administered by RA-Aus, without recommending any of the identified options as a preferred outcome.


How to respond


Comments close 11 November 2008


• Online response form (preferred method)




• Fax Regulatory Documentation Coordinator 1800 653 897 (free call) or international +612 6217 1691


• Post (no stamp required in Australia)


Reply Paid 2005


Regulatory Documentation Coordinator


CASA’s Regulatory Development Management Branch


Canberra ACT 2601, Australia


• Email (use the response format in the DP) [email protected]


Additional information


Contact Mr Mike Cleaver


Mr Andrew Ward (alternate contact)


Post (no stamp required)


Reply Paid 2005


Civil Aviation Safety Authority


Canberra ACT 2601, Australia


Email [email protected]


Telephone 131 757 (for the cost of a local call)


Fax 02 6217 1691


International fax +612 6217 1691





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