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Lightwing project

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Hi all Lightwing lovers,


My beloved GA-912 project has stalled.


I had to ground her when the fuel tanks developed leaks. New tanks were installed.


The wings were stripped and inspected (ten yearly requirement) and recovered with Poly Fiber.


Aileron control cables replaced in wings.


Fuel lines replaced.


Oil lines replaced.


Oil reservoir replaced (stainless).


Windscreen replaced.


New battery.


The ROTAX has had a full rubber replacement done, Carby diaphragms, etc.


Coolant, plugs, oil, filter, and test run.


Leakdown is 85/85 psi on 3 cylinders and 85/83 on the other.


Airframe aprox 2200hrs, engine 500 hrs since zero houred by Bert Flood.


Still needs the wings fitting and final checks before test flying.


I am scheduled for open heart surgery in a week, and won't be physically able for some months after that, and who knows how long before I can fly again?


Posting here in case one of you fellow Lightwing tragics can buy her from me, and get her back in the air once more.


PM me if you're interested.





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Here's wishing you a very successful op and a speedy recovery, Pete. You may wish to reconsider your sale - many people recover from surgery in far better condition than before. It doesn't take long for 9-12mths to go, and at the end of that period, you will more than likely find yourself raring to go and fully fit for flying.



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Thanks gents, for your positive well-wishes. This is one adventure that I hadn't planned. At the very least it sets my life back a year. Still, that's better than the alternative, isn't it!



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