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Stol landing in pilartus porter

Guest ozzie

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  • Ex army porter does stol landing at elderslie drop zone. impressed? this was an average one. he could do it better when he wanted to.




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I can confirm Ozzie's assertion that this could be be done better in a Pilatus Porter.


When the RAAF controller gave an Army Porter clearance to land (I forget the runway orientations) at Amberley Air Force Base in about 1969, the pilot landed on that runway, but ACROSS it!





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Do you know when this was taken as I know one of the pilots who flew this aircraft and could probably show him the video if it is him. He'd be keen to add to the conversasion. btw its very late and I've had more than my share of bevi's so my spelling probably won't be that great!.. as usual!





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Adam, i shot this at Elderslie in 1993 just after the army sold them. this was owned by jim zerwinski from toowomba. (could never spell his name right) i can't remember the pilots name, jeff maybe. he was also ex army who and had heaps of hours in this aircraft, top pilot!!


When it first turned up he was just doing a normal landing and taxiing back to pick up the next load. we asked him if he was willing to load were he stopped and use the remaining strip to TO and he said OK so we waited a couple of hundred mts down the strip and we had to go back to were we originally waited as he started landing like this. I did a couple of take off and landings in it and found it really sensitive in roll. very slow 90kts maybe. and not to neighbour friendly as it is very noisy on decent in beta.The turbine beaver was easier to fly.


a couple of photos.... we were a lucky DZ back then we had two of them for a while the other was owned buy luke mcwilliams and the other is a shot of take off roll distance









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