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Requirements to fly particular aircraft


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Hey all,


I was just curious about something today. My favourite aircraft is a pitts special. I was having a look around and saw that they sell for fairly cheap ($50k-100k us) which means that owning one isn't a pipe dream.


I was then thinking, are there any requirement to fly a certain type of aircraft?


I mean can I fly a pitts special with an ra/ppl or do you need some sort of further rating.


What about an extra 300 (I am talking non-aerbatic flying here of course).


And if you do need extra ratings for particular aircraft, how do you know what it is you need?







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Having flown a Pitts, I would be seeking the "taildragger with way more power than weight" endorsement. You would certainly not want one without an aerobatic endorsement as well. That would be like having a Lamborghini and not going above 30.


PPL only of course. I suppose an S2C would fit under 760Kg once that comes in, but you wouldn't be able to do aeros. Just fly it to church on Sunday.



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I could handle flying to church each sunday in a pitts. Where do I sign for the new weight limits ;)


My plan is to get my endorsements in the following order:


RA License (all classes)




Aerobatic (or whatever pre-requisites are required).



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I suspect that the Pitts would stall too high (fast) for RA-Aus, so worth Googling that one. If it's 45 knots or less then there would be nothing stopping it soon, particularly a single seater which is more likely to fit in.


Don't discount aero's completely for RA-Aus!


At this time your suggested course of action is really the only one available to you.



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and glasshopper it glides like a blick


and like wifes and tiger Moths while easy to procure they are prohibitively expensive to retain and only fanatics take them off your hands



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Ok guys now I am dreaming, Just googled the s1 pitts




1150lbs so under the 760kgs, 155 mph cruise so around 250km/h. 2000fpm climb and after googling the issue a bit more they can be modified to stall at 51mph=44kts.


So after all those facts I now well and truly have my head in the clouds dreaming and as Brentc stated lets not rule out aeros just yet.


:faint:back to reality



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If I remember right, the first Pitts Special was powered by an 85hp Continental, and would probably fit into 19-xxxx class.


There are lots of other little bipes' out there, have a look at;


The Micro Mong.


The Acrolite.


The H-2 Honey Bee.


Our locally produced Pocket Rocket Bipe.


Some of the assorted Fisher Fleet.







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One thing to consider is the insurance cost which is quite high. You also might want to consider why the insurance cost is so high! I'd suggest plenty of tailwheel time, and dual time in an S2 wouldn't hurt before you get into an S1. The Pitts is unlike most other things, they take some getting used to.



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