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What will be attending at Lethbridge Flying


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Well to keep you all informed I can say now that we should have the following at our flyin on the 29th of November.


We will have:


Several harvards (doing some shows!!!!)


A P51 Mustang!!!!




Boeing Stearman doing some aero shows.


Lockheed 12


And all of the forum members that can make it!!!!


For more info contact me at [email protected]



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Hi guys,


We (Kaz and I) will be attending in our CT4, expect also to have the following from Kyneton - 1 x CT4 or SF260 Marchetti (depending on which one Murray will take), 1 x Tiger Moth, 1 x Auster, at least 1 x Corby Starlet (maybe more), 1 x C175 Skylark (actually from Penfield), 1 x Debonair...and anyone else we can convince to make the trip.







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Fantastic Matt and Kaz. Look for the really busy good looking guy. I'll be near him.


Will be great to meet you. And im sure it will be a fantastic day. Lots of work has been going into the preparation.


For all you others reading this message, commit to coming and tell me!!!! Makes it easier to plan......


Cheers and take care up there...


Jim for Lethbridge. PS if you need details of the event email me at [email protected]



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Where is the airfield Lethbidge


For those that need to know this here are the details.


Lethbridge Air Park






820Feet ASL






CTAF 127.65Mhz






S37” 55.26’ E144” 06.69’










The field is about 4kms North West of Lethbridge township on the Geelong Ballarat Road




















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