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Lets Start a thread What types are there?


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Common guys there is sure to be a few of you chute dudes out there, I have seen one at Caboolture. Well I will start a thread as I am curious about them and I'm sure others are interested.


I have obviously seen the aerochute add in the RA magazine and I looked on the web today and found a website in the US with a Lowboy. It looks like a buggy attatchment for a paraglider. Looks like alot of fun.


What others are out there and who is flying them?



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If any Aerochute guys are listening there's a private fly in near Shepparton this weekend (the long weekend).


PM me for more details.



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Well Hi All.


Lets get something going - My name is Mike Cosgrove and I fly an Aerochute (#308 from the factory- nicknamed Winchester) mainly out of Caboolture QLD. TT is 56 hrs, I have 7o hrs on type and a couple on others.


Following are some pics taken flying around home, some of the machine and a couple chasing cattle. For those who dont know the Aerochute has a Rotax 503 does about 30 kts is approved CASA and RAA registered. My record height 4007' (4500 ceiling, see photo only had shorts on). It is a 2 seater side by side, have Raptor Intercom with Skyrider helmets, UHF and VHF & Garmin 60Csx. Electric Start (phew).


My machine dry is 115kg, fuel is 30ltr and MTOW has recently been increaed to 350kg.


The machine is slow and reactive to wind but is a fantastic platform for photography, having a look or chasing cattle and very STOL. My kids love it, even my 82 year old mum has been for a ride.





































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Hi BLA82,


maybe me you saw although couple others time to time. Also started some fixed wing with Zane at Prosky in the Echo. I love the Aerochute and its fexibility, trailer, Stol etc. but also interested in flying A to B.


Aerochute industres currently awaiting ok from cab aero club to conduct commercial tifs and training but a long time coming.


I've been a Member at YCAb for over a year and getting to know a few of the charachters. What do you fly, ?



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Learning to fly weightshift at Prosky with John, When you are up at YCAB next with your chute you will have to let me know, would love to have a look at one up close.



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Guest Red Baron

Hi Mike (et al)


Mal sent me details of this forum - great idea!


For those that don't know me - I'm about 6 hours away from completing my license to fly an Aerochute and have been training with Mal Christie out at Caboolture, Qld. I have my own Aerochute (a new red one - hence the handle!;)) which I finally managed to get up in the air last weekend!


So if anyone wants to know what the training is like from someone still doing it - happy to share.


Looking forward to participating in this forum!







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Hi Cosmick, thanks for the photos. As you said, a good platform for photography. I guess the view if pretty much the same as a gyro, only thing in front of you is your feet. Of the two though, I'd pick the gyro, it's faster and more stable in high winds. They both have the potential to kill you when they fold up but.



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Hi Deskpilot,


Your right about just your feet in front of you. Even in the A'chute mag all the spectacular photo's from around the country always have a sandshoe in them. I've considered Gyro's, had a fly with Allan Wardill up here and yeah interesting. Also taking some fixed wing lessons.


The A'chute is easy to trailer and at the end of the day if needed the Parachute is already up there.



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Hi Barandbrew,


The A'chute has an air speed of 30knts (app. 55kph) if you've got wind at 20 kph then youll have a ground speed of 75 in one direction and 35 in the other. In the middle of a hot day it can obviously get bumpy and gusty wind may be uncomfortable. The manufacturer recommends fly in winds under 15 knts.


We all fly for the enjoyment of it and the best time to fly in tropical climates is early or late. In the cooler months you can fly all day. I usually like to get to the field do checks and warm up and get in the air just after 6am, fly for 45mins, pack up get home and start work at 7.30. Great way to start the day. Its quick to prepare and packup and easy to trailer.


Whats your location, I may be able to give you a contact to go for a fly.



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Guest rocketman

We have 3 Buckeyes that will be getting back into the air soon up here in Malaysia. 2 should be flying within the next few weeks, the 3rd is waiting on a new chute. My time in them - zero - but I'm looking forward to it. Normally I fly trikes and other fixed wing machines (everthing is on hold pending a shift in airfields).





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Guest rocketman

We also have a group who fly paramotors regulary. Next on the list after the Buckeye for me to get checked out in. One of our guys is developing a buggy rather than using the motor strapped onto your back. I'll post some piccies of it soon. We have a paramotor flyin happening on the first of May at our new site in Malaysia.



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Hi Rocketman,


Put on a photo of a Buckeye so we can see. Whats the Stats i.e power plant etc.


I am getting bigger prop will give up to 30% more power for better lift.



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Airframes Unlimited


Hi all,


I fly an Airframes Unlimited, a "no frils" type of PPC. I especially like the way the line risers are attached to the main frame (loading straps, attached with a loop around the main structure, strength more than 5,000 lbs each). It is a single seater, which my friends have complained quite a lot about, infact so much that I'm now in the process of getting a 2-seater.


The AFU PPC's are all welded frames, the CG point is a little high compared to others, but had not realy been of any problem to me in the 2 years I've been flying. When ever there is a little wind, you just have to take of/land into the wind and that's it.


The engine is a Rotax 447. It's doing well. I have now a little over 150 hours.


I live in Belize in Central America, and I'm for the time being the only PPC flyer in the country....


I have attached two pictures of the PPC; one flying and one on the ground (with me drying the chute after an early morning flight and wet grass on the landing..)


Oh..and the 2-seater I'm getting is an "Avcat Gobler", very similar to the AFU's.









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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Mike,


Never mind the aircraft! How about you post (lots) of air/ground photos of those wonderful ancient monuments that the original indian culture left behind for us to marvel at?


If you are not near some then what better excuse could you need for a cross country?



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Some pics from Belize


Hi Tony


Sorry to dissapoint you, but no visible mayan ruins close to where I fly, but I have attached a few pics from some of my flying to other places.


#1 is from a banana area (we grow bananas!). In the back ground you can see a cloud of mist. Thats the crop duster working. Those guys fly realy low. Normally when they ferry (go to or from the mixing station) I stay well above them, you might


thing that they out of habit stick so close to ground.


#2 is from an early morning flight, where there were low hanging clouds.The mountain tops in the back ground are part of the "Mayan Mountains", which is a range going through parts of Central America. They are not that tall here in Belize, the tallest about 4,500 ft.




Bananas and Mountains.doc




Bananas and Mountains.doc


Bananas and Mountains.doc

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