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Hi From the UK

Guest Fotoflyer

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Guest Fotoflyer

Hi to all.


I got a 60 minute flying lesson as a birthday present so decided to get FSX to see what it was all about.


It's a great program and as my lesson will be in a Cessna 150/170, I've started flying that from my local airport.


If the experience in a real aircraft is anything like it is in FSX, then I will be paying for extra lessons until I get my PPL. Then who knows what might happen!!


So, at the moment it's just the sim for me.





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G'day and Welcome Foto,


I have flown flight simulators since I was a kid but it wasn't until I decided to take lessons and got the pilot training manuals that I flew in FS properly. A bit of real world flying knowledge makes flight simulation a lot more challenging and enjoyable!


When do you fly?





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