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Sg aviation storm 300

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Hi all


Was wondering if any storm owners are on the forum, from what I can see on the net there was one in SA and another in Qld .


Would like to here from any owners out there.


Cheers Chris



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Currently got a Storm 280 for sale...... They are a nice aircraft that has all the Italian design background behind it, my findings are they are not that fast ( they look fast but they ain't )


280 €48000


1998 Storm 280 ( fully rebuilt 2012 ) Rotax 912s 7hrs TTSN




472.5kg MTOW









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Looks very nice , what cruise do you get ?Get 105 kts 5000rpm from ours.

The Storm 280 is a slightly slower bird compared to the Storm 300


@ 5000rpm we are getting 97kias ( we have a Constant Speed Prop )


@ 4460rpm we are getting 87kias ( we have a Constant Speed Prop )


@ 4440rpm we are getting 84kias ( we have a Constant Speed Prop )


@ 4430rpm we are getting 83kias ( we have a Constant Speed Prop )


@ 4420rpm we are getting 81kias ( we have a Constant Speed Prop )


The Manifold pressure is set @ 22.2in MAP.


1104315662_storm280.jpg.a536d2fe73a189fd31f02c2c236432ce.jpg 5000RPM / 22.2in MAP











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There are 649 photos of our Storm 280 on the internet.


I actually just noticed that on the delivery flight it achieved 190kmh @4800rpm on a Fixed Pitch Prop ( [email protected] ) so I think we will need to repitch our CSU on the 280





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Recently purchased a Storm 500 CLK.


I’m located in Colorado, USA. Just letting you know theirs another one out there 





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Just reading through the earlier posts. Don't be shy on reving the Rotax...... 5200 to 5500.


And RPM at WOT should not be less than 5200 if using an inflight adjustable  prop.


Rotax changed the design of the crankcase in 2006 precisely because people were flying at WOT and winding up the prop pitch to below 5000 rpm and cracking the crankcases. 



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Chris, yes I have plenty more photos of her! Granted she’s been sitting for a while so I’m currently in the process of trying to get a relatively nice paint job done on the cheap. 


The old owner kept the panel really simple and wasn’t necessarily worried about looks of it.


It’s a project that I’m restoring to make her shine, since she basically one of a kind  


Plus us any ideas on how I could go about mounting vacuum driven gyro instruments.... kinda a hold up willthe composite panel hold the instruments heading indicator, Turn Cordinator, And Attitude indicator?  and if so what about shock mounting? 


Any my photos would be useful as well! 



















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