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J3 cub just landed

Guest Paulie

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Hi Guys , My name is Paul I live in New Zealand and own a J3 cub replica and a B20 Bantam with a 1600 VW engine. I would like to replace the Rotax 503 in my cub with a 1600 jabiru engine so if anyone knows of a good running jabiru 1600 out there please let me know. Cheers Paul.



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I can't resist this . Isn't " a good running Jabiru engine", like asking "do you know a good Lawyer? I suppose some won't think this is funny. ( Fords Vs Hol... what's the name of that other one again?)


Seriously though, I would source a rebuilt one through the makers, as it will most likely end up being cheaper that way. IF a motor has been in-service and has been stored, without being properly "inhibited", then there would be a bit of a liability with bore corrosion (Possibly). If there is an option of hydraulic lifters, I personally would opt for the adjustable set-up unless you hate spannering. Nev..



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