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Another Tecnam vid

Ben Longden

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Music or no music, the answer lies in personal taste really.


This is a recent flight in a Tecnam P92




This is a You Tube version (with music) and stuffed up widescreen..



For the purists, without music.. and in widescreen..


part 1


Aviation Video: Tecnam P92 Echo - Private


Part 2


Aviation Video: Tecnam P92 Echo - Untitled


(two parts due to FL350s size restrictions)



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You have posted the circuit training vid before and i must honsetly say that its the best vid i've seen and as far as the comments on strange music , i thought it complimented it perfectly.


As you say "it's all personal to which does it for each".


I was going to [and should have] mention before that comment to cloudsick that its personal taste.



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