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Ok Ian you asked for it!!


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Hi my name is Peter and I am just a new pilot, I have only recently achieved that boyhood dream and have endorsements for NW, PAX, R and I am currently doing my Nav11 and I hope by the end of this year will have my X country endorsement.


I fly out of (Ycab) Caboolture International Airport with Caboolture Recreational Aviation just to the North of (Ybbn) Brisbane where I currently fly 160c,170c Jabiru's and as of tomorrow (Sunday 16/11/08 a Gazelle) all of this under the watchful eye of my instructor Wayne Adcock and the schools owner Bill Haynes.


I initally did my basic training in a Drifter (Real Men fly Drifters!) at (Yboa) Boonah in the beautiful Scenic Rim a wonderful experience, both the Drifter,the scenery with thanks to my original Instructor Greg. Neale from Airsport Queensland where I first went solo in a Drifter.


Ok, lets cut to the chase, I need some help with the Xcountry, no, not the flying bit nor the navigation bit, but I need help with the bloody 'form' or 'log' I am wondering if there is a fine aviator or Aviatrix that may have found a nice simple and user friendly log. If so please feel free to help this old simple fool with a simple form.018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif


Ok, Ian that's if for now, and as we alway say, keep it safe.





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Hey Pete,


Going through the same thing at the moment. My instructor says working it through at home is the go. Set your self some theoretical navs and do the calcs as if you were flying it. (I know the whizz wheel is a pain to manipulate and turbulence always appears the moment you take your eyes off the sky.)


The actual plan is fine, I assume that like me you have problems with the checkpoint calculations in flight.


If anyone has an easy way to do this I will put my hand up also. That being said,







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