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I need to head into the far northern suburbs of Melbourne some time in the next couple of weeks and would appreciate suggestions of what RAA accessible strip would be best and closest to Craigieburn.


Is Wallan now out of the question or did it get a reprieve even though it is not in the ERSA?


Would welcome any suggestions.





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G'day Captain, long time, no hear.


Sunbury / Penfield is 31.5kms drive to the centre of Cragieburn.


Tullamarine is only 18 kms - you'll need a PPL for that one :-)


Wallan would be 23 kms, but as you say possibly not an option.


There's info for flying into Sunbury on goflying.com.au Be careful if you're flying in here as the circuit height barely puts you under the controlled airspace above and you'll need to approach from the north rather than north-east if you're up in the flight-levels.



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WALLAN IS FINISHED! Somehow the airstrip was the first bit of land to get the bulldozer over it, I wonder why?...When I drove past I saw the whole flood plain. from the hills to the freeway and the only bit being worked on was the airfield site.....Money talks I suppose. But sad nonetheless..................



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If you head to Wallan make sure its in a fully loaded F111 and drop a shipload of ordanance on the developer... 088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif


Locksley is just east of Managalore and if you feel like lunch on saturdays, try my fav place Shepparton. Its 31nm north of Mangalore and is an easy peasy nav. One of the most friendliest clubs around.


Also Avgas and Mogas available (just see Nathan or Sue at the school first)



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