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Hi All,


My name is Phil.


I have started learning to fly this year at the grand old age of 50 at Sport Aviation Academy at Wyalcatchem in Western Australia.


So far I have managed to get through about 5 hours training so have a long way to go.



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Good on you Phil, as you will discover there is no real age barrier to flying as there are people in their 70's still at it and just as enthusiastic as those in their 20's.


Good luck mate


Keep chipping away





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Thanks Watto


I hope I'm still at it in my 70's.


It seems to be like a drug once you start you can't stop. (not that I'm into drugs)


My instructor says it's the most fun you can have with your cloths on.



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Your instructor is right I think, I have never been so engrossed in any type of sport or recreation in my life.


It has been an awakenning for me I now do not know why I waited so long to start and now having an aircraft myself is very pleasing and takes everthing to a new level of commottment and enjoyment and as well as that you get to know the aircraft and all its little noises, how it responds etc, you do not have that luxury in a hire craft.:thumb_up:





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Hi Phil


I've been training out there too, just done a few hrs this weekend, got 1 more hour solo to go then flight test and am going straight into Navs. Started in April and around 30hrs all up now but that also includes my conversion to the J230 from the 160 as I want to do the navs in the big Bird. Positive experience all round, no complaints except for the weather at times but haven't figured out who to complain to yet....;) Maybe I 'll catch you out there sometime..have fun!



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