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Evo Force Feedback joystick has no feed back


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Hi all.....maybe someone can help me on here. I have a Saitek Evo Force Feed back joystick and running FSX on Vista and I cant get the feedback to work on the stick. I have turned it on in FSX but still no go. All the joy stick discs and instructions say it is for XP so maybe there is something I need to do to make it work on Vista. Thanks in advance.


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Hey mate, i have been running Vista and the Evo joystick without any problems. Occasionally the force feedback won't happen, but it seems sporadic. Have you had the force feedback working at all? if yougo to "Game controllers" under Control Panel. There is a test function in that panel (it's kinda cool).


My PC blew itself up so i won't be able to suggest much more than that. But i hope it is a step forward for you.



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