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Microlight friendly airports


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I am hoping to fly my NZ microlight (ZK registered) across the Tasman this coming summer. The first port of entry, ideally would have customs, immigration and MAF facilities. Also the restriction concerning "flight over congested areas" potentially rules out some fields ie.Coolangatta.


i would be interested to learn of anyone's first hand experience flying into east Coast airports in a microlight or RA aircraft.





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Many thanks for the reply. I know Logan and will certainly call upon his experience.


Coolangatta would be a good destination, but the congested area overflight might be a problem. I was hoping someone who had flown in there could suggest a route , e.g follow the river, which would permit a legal arrival.


Coffs is good but without a permanent customs/immigration/MAF attendance.


I was trying to get an idea of which east coast airports would be suitable as a destination.





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Guest pelorus32

You should PM Michael Coates on this forum. Michael has done this as well - going to Kerikeri so should have a view. I am fairly certain he departed Coolangatta but he will tell you that.







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Guest Howard Hughes

I'm assuming that you are coming via Norfolk and Lord Howe, can you not clear customs and immigration at one of those places, fairly sure you can at Lord Howe? Then Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour are the closest mainland airports to Lord Howe!:thumb_up:



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