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Hi All


Please bear with us whilst we undertake some changes to the News Sections.


We currently have an International Aviation News Forum - this will be deleted


The Australian Aviation News Section has both a forum with the latest news on the home page. The problem with this is that it contains both recreational flying news and commercial aviation news like items about Qantas etc - basically all aspects of aviation in Australia.


But, not everyone is interested in such a wide spectrum of aviation so we are going to just have all the "commercial stuff" in there removing all the news items that are at the recreational level of aviation. We will also be changing the display of this section on the home page to a side box that will display the latest news items for those that are interested in that level along with its own separate forum.


We are also creating a "NEW" news section called "Recreational Flying News". This section will contain all the news items that are at the recreational level of aviation from all around Australia plus we will be adding similar interesting recreational flying news from around the world as well. This new section apart from having its own forum, will also have the latest news items displayed on the site home page as the main news as well.


Basically we are changing the split from being geographic i.e. Australian and International, to a split of aviation type i.e. Recreational and Non-Recreational.


We believe this will provide a greater reading pleasure to a wider audience in the area of aviation news and we hope you enjoy it.



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