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On that theme that any plane could loose a motor - the following appears on page 202 of 'The Topdressors' - NZ ag pilots


So the story goes ........ 1958 - C 180's were then good workhorses (there were problems with the propellor hubs)


Mr Ecberg just had the engineer check an engine vibration and the engineer said 'fly it'


Pilot flew it away to work - after some time motor then left plane - cut half of one wing strut and slashed tyre - you might see bent leg from landing - in grainny picture


Pilot said plane went into a vertical snap roll - he cracked his helmet on inside of cabin - with full flap he landed it !


So the story goes ........ pilot was a man of few words, he rang the engineer to inform him the motor was missing - have you checked the plugs ? was the reply - it took some time for the engineer to realise the motor was in fact .... 'missing'


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A C182 (BXW) at Elderslie DZ lost a blade at 1500ft. the engine came out and was left hanging by controls and lines and was caught on the strut and gear leg. 4 jumpers went for help and the pilot was left with a porposing aircraft and thumped in ended up with a broken nose. pilot commented that someone should have gone and sat on what was left of the mount and trimmed it out. BXW had a charmed life it later stuck it's wingtip into the open window of a car and got away with it.





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