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Medicals - no, not that discussion again


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Hey guys,


I want to get a class 2 medical and was just wondering what sort of paper work I need. I have already obtained my ARN from casa. Is this all that's required?


I understand that I need to bring my ARN as well as photo ID to the DAME, but do I need to bring anything else? Specifically, do I need to bring the forms etc or will the doctor have them? If I need to bring forms etc, which ones are they and where can I get them?





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Once submitted, the next thing is to learn patience.... CASA is a tad slow with the paperwork.


Having said that, the medical section people are reeeeally nice to deal with on the phone and are really helpful.


Thats serious and not being sarcastic. OOPS, now the cats out of the bag; the public service actually have decent folks to deal with!!





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