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Finally Arrived

Guest antonvw

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Guest antonvw

Without boring you with my life story here is a summary:


I got introduced to aviation by my uncle who was a crop sprayer in South Africa. I wanted to start a career in aviation, but the workforce at the time said no work for pilots. Did some skydiving to get close to plains and fly ;-)



It took me 10 years to finally get my feet of the ground (for longer than 5 minutes) and in Jan 2008 got my microlight pilot license (Bright, VIC). What I did not take into consideration is that people do not rent these things out and I now have a license, but no plain. FRUSTRATING!



I now want to go on to do ultralights where they are more accessible. I thought getting more involved with general sport aviation will help me on my path and that is why I registered on this site. I need to convert from microlight to ultralight.



Looking forward to hearing from the experienced and fellow enthusiasts!







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