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Fuel at leigh Creek


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091_help.gif.c9d9d46309e7eda87084010b3a256229.gif Leigh Creek Fuel


I am informed that BP is seriously considering closing this strategic point of fuel availability.


I would appreciate your assistance to maintain this important piece of infrastructure.


I spoke to Graham McNee on 07 3364 7162 (0419 820 027)


He position is AUS Marketing manager for GA


MB - the person who seems to be making the noises about the closure is:


Stewart Stephenson 03 9268 4161 is the MB person making the decisions about the removal.


and another contact is: Paul Scheuner 08 8234 3844 (0410 479 328) - SA He is the SA ops for BP


I have a particular safety requirement and OPS requirement for LEC and my aircraft used around 1,500,000 litres of fuel in the past 11 months between Alice Springs, Adelaide Leigh Creek and Mt Isa.


Please help by contacting these people and telling them how important infrastructure is in the centre of Australia.



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