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Hi Sportsfans,



Just a bit more of an update on the Swift.



A of I Bracket. The on-going saga of this thing rumbles on. The complete drawings of the Mk2 are now at the fabricators in Archerfield and I am praying that it will be made before Xmas.


This is coming up well now and the prototype teething hassles appear to be resolved. The bracket is more complicated in that it is in eight parts with eight AN bolts but at least people will be able to get it in and out without taking the nose off the aircraft and all the drama involved with the original version!



Swift Mk3 pod, bulkheads and doors are currently being fitted. At the same time I am taking out and then reinstalling the new 450 kg u/c carry frame to take some hole measurements from it now that is has been fully fitted. It has to come out anyway to get the new pod on.



The “How To Do It†notes will be finalized from all of this work complete with photos.



I can also re-do the instrument panel to an ‘easy use’ layout now that I know how much space that I have to work with.



More later and I will post some pics of the new cockpit set up once it is on.









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