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Lightspeed Zulu Headset's in a Tecnam.


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I was wondering if anyone can help, I have recently bought two pair's of Lightspeed Zulu Headset's, yesterday I tried them in my instructors Tecnam P96 Golf and they did not work, the noise cancelling function was fine and I have connected my I-Pod and that worked very well.


I had both sets plugged in as my instructor was keen to try them out as he is also considering buying a pair. We could hear a crackle when we plugged in and out the connection but nothing more at all.


On the connections it says LSA, and the plugs look the same as my instructors cooking sets which work OK.


Can anyone give me advise, or is there something really obvious that I am missing out on, as I am new to all of this. It seems to me unlikely that both sets of a good quality mark like these are, would be faulty.


I can obviously contact the manufacturers but just wondered firstly if any of you out there can help a new kid on the block.


I am still awaiting delivery of my Bravo which should be at the end of the month now, so I need to get this sorted one way or another before then.







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Hi there


I also use a lightspeed zulu in my tecnam p92 super echo. The intercom/radio is a garmin coupled to a spa 200 itercom. What is your setup in the golf?


By the way bluetooth and ipod hook up work brilliantly every time. I can hold a perfectly understandable conversation from 7500ft over mountains and all. Music is brilliant to on my iphone.



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Hi Tim,


My radio is an icom's IC-A200 with a Aeroplans Blaus intercom 10/ radio interface.


I have sent both headsets back to Lightspeed, and am awaiting an answer to the problem, they should have received them by now but with the holiday's I will just have to be patient with news!!!!!!







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LightSpeed problem is the intercom.


This the reply that I have received from lightspeed, hopefully I will be able to resolve my problem with a different intercom.


Hello Nigel,


I apologize for the delay in responding……but I have found that your Zulu headsets are functioning as designed. One issue I’ve uncovered is the ICOM IC200A transceiver is designed to be used with headsets equipped with low impedance microphones….and Zulu has a high impedance mic. I believe this mismatch is what prevented both headsets from transmitting and receiving audio.


I’ve discussed this with ICOM technical support who said the IC200A technology is about 20 years old, has been discontinued and provides very basic intercom capability at best. Their suggestion is to get an alternate new intercom which can be wired in tandem to the IC200A and provide the impedance matching capability you need while still allowing the transceiver to be functional for your radio needs. Here’s a link for their technical support: http://www.icomamerica.com/en/support/default.aspx


(this is for ICOM USA but hopefully they’ll be able to provide some insight into your situation)


The Blue Tooth issue has been addressed by updating the wireless module in the headsets which I am confident will now work with your Nokia phone.


Thank you,


Joe Mackowiak






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