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I recently bought a copy of "Pilots Touring Guide" from AOPA, and was pretty disappointed at the contents. Next month I will be doing another circumnavigation and am looking for some new places to overnight. Is there any way we could gain information about pilot friendly pubs,etc, preferably in outback areas, who would do an airfield pick up in exchange for accommodation, a feed, and bar sales.


Maybe it could be incorporated in the Airfields section.



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G'day Peter,


Thanks for the offer - I was beginning to think no one was interested.


I will indeed be stopping at Goolwa, Geoff made me very welcome last time I was there, but I have a friend at Victor Where I can stay. It's just that I would like to try some different places this time around, and after reading pilot's guides, etc, it's still a bit hit and miss. Thanks for your interest, Don



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If you call into Goolwa and see the little red plane out and about, please come and say hello. We also have our flying club meeting on the last Sunday of each month -- BBQ, usually in one of the hangars -- everyone welcome. Generally we have around 15-20 people, GA, RAA and just interested.







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