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Finding Magnetic course on computer/laptop

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Hello everyone,


Does anyone have tips to find a magnetic course on a sectional or TAC map that is on a laptop when you can't see both airports at one time?

Basically, on practice tests a question will say to find either a magnetic or true course between two airports and then maybe give variations like wind. The problem is, sometimes the airports are too far apart to just put a plotter up to the screen and find the initial course. The only thing I have seen is to hold the plotter by one airport, estimate where the other airport is on the other end, then scroll down and adjust until it is correct; this is kind of a pain as you might imagine.

Anyone have any other ways or tips?

Thank you in advance if so

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Joe77, since you're in the US wouldn't it be possible to transpose the plan to ForeFlight and work it all out on the small screen?

(I think you can download a 30 day free trial if you don't want to buy.) But maybe, in your case, the whole process needs to be done within the trial exam application on your laptop. I think the Air Navigation app has a desktop version of its EFB but that may only be for the MacOS. I think they offer VFR ONC charts for free but the app itself costs around $45. Anyway, good luck.

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