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And you think your terrain is tiger country...

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And she still has to get up at 5am to cook her father's meals for the day!


Yeah I read that article recently. After that flurry of recent accidents on Everest I began wondering about how the system of emergency evacuations operated at that altitude. Never realised that a Bell could even fly to 20,000 ft, let alone take off under load! Then factor in the weather and potential mechanical turbulence among the peaks... That's some flying! And her a young woman making her way in a male dominated society. Most impressive.



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Mountain flying anywhere in the world is definitely not for the faint of heart. The Rockies and high country of western USA, the Andean plateau of South America, PNG, and the South Island of NZ all qualify. Our Great Divide and it's leeside rotors is merely a training trip. The introduction of turbine engines has certainly helped, but when you are caught in descending airflow at 1500-2000 fpm - you need a lot of HP! Pilot training is a major factor in their relatively 'safe' operations: it includes much, much, more than a simple 'mountain' flying course. She is a real professional and yet modest with it.

happy days,

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GOOD pilots know how to avoid situations where only "lucky" pilots can survive. You need to "know" the environment you are in and the plane's and your own LIMITs to be able to cope with it. Nev.

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