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G’day lads.

I’m Dan, been lurking this forum for some time decided to take the plunge and sign up.

Acquired my pilot certificate early this year, just completing extra endorsements. Loving the dip into aviation (I don’t come from a family of pilots). Spend most nights drooling over raaus compliant aircraft sale listings.

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Posted (edited)

G'Day Danny. . .you'll find some really useful advice here,. . but . .. regrettably.. .Not from me as I'm an Old Fart and fly in the UK now. . . . . .There isn't much you can ask here which won't result in a torrent of answers mate. . Anyhow. . . welcome to RF. . . .the BEST Flying forum this side of the Black whatsit thingummie. . . .( Stumped of I can remember what it's called . . .)


Cheers,. . .Phil.

Edited by Phil Perry

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We welcome lassies here too Dan, but some get scared off disappointed or what . We need to encourage them as femme pilots have been around for a long time in this country, and very much a part of it's aviation character. . Nev

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