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Hi Everyone - from Adelaide Hills

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Hi everyone! I hope I'm in the right place? is this where they hold AA (Aviation Anonymous) meetings..?!?!?!


Guess I'd better stand for this bit..


Hi I'm Jason and I'm an Aviationoholic....


It has been way too long between flights, started back in 1999 at both Murray Bridge and then Gawler flying Jabiru's.


Work, life, marriage, kids, business, divorce, more work and business's, all got in the way but the time has come to get back into the skies after the longest break!


I'm sure so much has changed rules and regulation wise, but from the quick look around I've had on here, flying still brings that same passion, excitement, and comradery between people that it did all those years ago!


Feel free to say hi, and if you ever need any additional ballast let me know!

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HI Jase,

I think I started around 2000 at Murray Bridge with James at RPA. Have had a couple of Jabs ( and loved them) which I flew all over the place including 5678 which I brought back from Noosa and last I saw was still online at Murray Bridge.

Now based out of Goolwa which has to be close to the perfect place to fly - hangar with a sea view, 3 runways ( land in any wind) lots of flat paddocks ( if the engine has a hissy fit) whales in winter, murray mouth and coorong, and a very interesting array of planes (heaps of experimentals, few warbirds and gyros, not to mention the amazing folding wing Onex!!) Fabulous LAME who can work on composites, metal and wood/fabric and puts on some amazing aerobatic displays. Plus it is sufficiently quiet that I get annoyed if I have to wait for anyone before entering and rolling. Drop in if you are down this way,


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