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Jase Dussia: Ignoring the Laws of Physics

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Seriously, this guy has zero respect for the laws of physics! Any other RC pilot understands the basic concepts of gravity and lift and turbulence etc and stays within them...but not Jase. He just ignores those limitations and puts his airframe through unreal torture...all for the appreciation of the crowd at Weston Park International Model Show. Breathtaking stuff !


Jase is flying an Extreme Flight R/C Slick 580 powered by a Desert Aircraft DA120.


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You have to remember that RC aircraft have a squillion to one power to weight ratio and fly wherever the engine points; I crashed my control line aircraft so often I that I switched to flat basa planks for wings.

Having said that, his reaction time was in 100ths of seconds for the whole quite long display.

Not only that, but every reaction was under perfect control. I can hover a Yak 9 for a couple of seconds...sometimes.

A brilliant RC display.

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I don't think the bloke is ignoring the laws of physics, he's just showing everyone what you can do with a little aircraft, within the limits of physics. If he was breaking the laws of physics - well, that's something else.


It just goes to show what an aircraft is capable of, if it's very light, very strong, and has a huge amount of power for the light weight.


In the real world of full-size aircraft, and carrying a pilot, it's currently not possible to perform the stunts this bloke is performing, due to aircraft weight, and the current strength limitations of materials, and the power output of current engines.


Maybe someone, one day, will make a breakthrough with super-light material weight with enormous strength, and new engines with hugely-increased output, and light aircraft will make some major performance gains.


But that scenario is rare, most technological increases or steps forward in design, are measured only in small percentages. The bottom line is, the weight of a pilot and any pax, is a serious amount of weight to carry in a light aircraft.

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