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Mini merlin

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Is that a runner. Scale spitfire would be awesome with a 12 cylinder sound.


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Posted (edited)

Here's some of the most incredible miniature engineering you will ever be likely to see - miniature V8's in model boats, a miniature Clerget Rotary, a vintage V8 aircraft engine, a miniature 14 cyl Radial, a 1/5th scale Tiger tank, complete with miniature V12 Maybach engine, a miniature 4 cyl Gipsy Moth engine, a miniature DOHC 6cyl Jaguar engine, a miniature Caterpillar Sixty crawler tractor, and a 392cc miniature air-cooled V8, installed in a homebuilt, fully roadworthy, motorcycle!  The motorbike sounds just great!

The detail on these miniatures is just mind-blowing. I hate to think the amount of hours and effort that went into each of them.

The Yak 11 RC model does appear to be powered by a commercially-available 5 cyl model radial, though.



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