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I flew my Brumby over HMAS Otama today, an Oberon class submarine decommissioned in 2000 and parked off Crib Point since 2002. Surprisingly I hadn't noticed it before!


It reminded me of my grandfather, who in July 1917 as a Flight Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Air Service, was involved in bombing an enemy U boat.


He was flying a Curtiss Model H12 flying boat, a twin-engine aircraft with a crew of four (pictured).


His log book (which I have) reveals he then had around 90 hours flight time.


It also reveals he went solo on his 14th flight with only two hours 15 minutes experience, he first flew the Curtiss (twin) with less than five hours total time and he had his first forced landing (carby icing) at around nine hours! 


Things have changed!

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Great little piece of history, Kiter. Thank you.


in WWII, trainees in Tigers were expected to solo with less than 10 hours and got moved out if they weren’t solo by 16 hours. They were into Spitfires with less than 110 hours in command time.


Thing have indeed changed!



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