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Amelia: yet another theory ... and search (NYT article)

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Very inneresting, you would think if they can pick out a separated undercarriage leg they would be able to find the substantially larger fuse using the same technology. Unless mebe the aircraft was in landing configuration and struck the water/reef losing a leg and continuing on a further................

To be honest I only half read the article and got distracted by an IQ test in the advertising border. Taking the test I feel it was a setup for click bait as I could only get an IQ of 75, at least it puts me up there with world leaders, Trumpf's IQ is around that ? 

Sorry to hyjack the thread Gazzafly

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This is not "yet another theory" but one which has been around for about a decade and one of the two most plausible.

A few years ago evidence of a camp on Nikumaroro (which is uninhabited) with some artifacts tied to the Earhart flight era was found, and from memory an aluminium panel, and Tighar believed Earhart and Noonan had made a successful crash landing on the reef, with both surviving, and that the aircraft had been washed off the reef.


The debates over the navigation and fuel burn potential; mistakes, argued by pilots expert in navigation would fill a 600 page book and make you a top class navigator, and Nikumaroro is in the target zone.


The other remaining theory is that something went wrong and they decided to turn back, crashing on New Guinea. Someone took some photos which showed show a Lockheed 10-E engine. This was during WW2, and the person was ordered to bury the aircraft so dozed a hole and pushed it in. Only later did people realise there were no military Lockheed  10-Es in New Guinea at that time. he was able to provide searchers with a reasonable location, since he buried it in the middle of a track, but they're still looking, finance being the problem.

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