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It has been a good last few weeks for the site in our quest to having the greatest single repository of all information a recreational aviator needs to enjoy their flying safely and being more informed.


All the Aircraft listings from the old site have now been migrated and @red750 is doing a great job on adding more and more aircraft into the aircraft section to act as a reference point on all the different aircraft out there...thanks Red


More and more Events are getting added to the Event Calendar by @Old Koreelah helping us all to know what events we may like to attend in our flying activities, thanks O'K


We have a new site Homepage that hopefully portrays an inviting message to all who visit us and hopefully get them to join in.


The Clubs section has been renamed to "Groups" to reflect more of what that feature provides...still a little more work to do on that one


Slowly we are getting the John Brandon Tutorials into the site which meets our objective of pilot education...give these a read to keep the information fresh to make our flying safer. I have also been slowly migrating many of the videos from the old site over to here.


We now have the Maps section which not only adds all the Airstrips into a Google Earth Map but also site users that will enable members to perhaps go for a fly and meet up with other site members and form new friendships all having the same interest in recreational flying


Thanks to the great @Ahmed Zayed the site has an amended Whats New, an accepted new site theme and many other improvements, some obvious and others not so obvious like enhancements with the Facebook and Twitter login, core software upgrades, Weekly Email, and many more so a huge thanks to Ahmed.


And above all thanks to you the user for your great contributions to the site and creating an enjoyable environment and let's not forget the fantastic work that the Moderators do in supporting that enjoyable environment


What's happening next...


Ahmed and I are looking into bringing the Aviation News section back and are exploring different ways to bring the latest aviation news to everyone here. This will also support the new Articles System and Special Picks of Interest system


I have commenced work with an IPS guru on server performance. I have been waiting for 6 months for him to become available and today we started the exchange of finer details for him to start work in a few weeks. This may see us end up with 3 servers spread across the world that continually exchange data so a user will experience fast performance no matter where they are in the world so hopefully we will see a greater international audience contributing to the discussions we have here on Recreational Flying (.com).


So, I will continue with the Tutorial migration and the Video migration plus start experimenting with many different new sections like Famous Aviators, On This Day, Aviation Product Reviews and more. Also on the agenda is to migrate Clear Prop into the site but a Payment Gateway needs to be developed first before that happens.


Hope this post keeps you in the loop on the site/resource moving forward and as ALWAYS, any suggestions on how we can improve the site for you is always appreciated...thanks

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