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Are these available in Oz?

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I am interested in the short field capabilities and very low stall performance of these aircraft.  Does anyone know if any of these aircraft have made it to Oz?





5-img_3587a.jpg 7-img_3815a.jpg 9-img_3825a.jpg 1-cross_country_kenai.jpg 6-img_3659a.jpg 8-2014_kenai_201.jpg

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10 minutes ago, bexrbetter said:

Did you know there's one rotting in a public park in Thailand?


In fact isn't it in your city of Chiang Mai?

Tell me more.  I haven't heard about it.  How did you find out about it?

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Thanks bexrbetter,  I do remember seeing that when I visited Loei about seven years ago.  Loei is about 500 kms from me.


The Wren was manufactured by another company.  The Wren is what Todd Peterson used to design his canard wing for his Katmai and Kenai models.


and thanks onetrack,  good to know that there are a couple in Oz already,  I'm assuming that would make the paperwork easier if another one were to be brought from the US of A.



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Thanks Student Pilot.


I think that the Wren is no longer manufactured.  But in any case,  I am interested in the Kenai (and the Katmai) which are still being modified from N, P and Q model Cessna 182's by Peterson Performance Plus.

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