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B&B owner in Canada builds full-size warplane replicas from junk!

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This blokes creativeness and general engineering skills have to be seen to be believed - particularly when you consider he works with junk as the basic materials.






The B&B website and the stories behind the yard art - https://modelaacres.com/tours.html

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A bit better than the ones I saw last week....... or is it the thought that counts?



20191118_113116.jpg 20191118_113016.jpg

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Ah, well, you have to give them credit for having a go. Not everyone has top-class artistic skills and creativity.


In the S.E. Wheatbelt of W.A., there's a little town called Kulin that hosts Bush Races (neddies, because there's quite a few horse-lovers in the area) - and the locals got into the swing of things by creating the Tin Horse Highway.

All along the route from West Kulin to East Kulin (on the Corrigin to Lake Grace Rd), the locals have set up home-built artworks with neddies doing human things. Some are very good, some are just passable.


One of the locals even scrounged up a written-off Cessna and put a horse in it .... Tin-Horse-Highway.jpg


And another one of the locals tried their hand at building a replica plane that rates about a 5 out of 10, I guess ... https://www.australiasgoldenoutback.com/business/attractions/tin-horse-highway


Tin Horse Hwy .... https://kulin.wa.gov.au/main/tourism/tin-horse-highway/


Photos ... https://www.google.com/search?q=Tin+Horse+Hwy

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