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Incident reports

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I like to go and look at the RAAus website for incident reports. They make interesting reading, comic in some instances.

One on 27th November. A CTSD had  bit of a rough landing, went round and later was seen to have a distinct nose down attitude of the spinner and propeller.

I wonder what happened. Did the crankshaft bend at the front of the engine? Maybe the engine sagged a lot, but wouldn't that also mean that the cowling would sag?

Another on 1st. December two aircraft and one didn't divert enough to create sufficient spacing. Did they touch?

Looking at the reports I sometimes wonder why RAAus doesn't get the info correct, before posting it for us all to see. The other thing that stands out is that there are a lot of incompetent pilots out there. Overstressing nose wheels and just generally not being up to it.

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