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pa28 accident in USA

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Have a look at the damage pattern on the outboard leading edge. That's clearly where the wing impacted the tree. I would have expected some sort of circular dent in the main spar, but the speed of the aircraft when it contacted the tree must have been relatively low - possibly towards the end of the landing roll. That would be enough to cause the plane to rotate around the point of contact, and maybe the wing spar failed at its attachment point. I'd love to see photos of the wing spar attachment and the end of the spar. Maybe the damage could be traced to https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/12/21/2018-27577/airworthiness-directives-piper-aircraft-inc-airplanes It seems this plane has been working hard.



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It's gone back to the spar then acted as a hinge to slew the plane around and extend the damage along the spar as the tree position moved relative to the wing. There's only 3 attach points but surprisingly little distortion of the wing and the fuselage seems to have occurred. It may be worse than it looks , but should be able to fly again  if it's an economic proposition and it's general condition merits it. Crappy old heaps don't qualify for spending much on.. unless they are rare and special in some way Nev

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