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From the Log Book

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Ian has suggested some more cheery positive themes and it is a good idea. This thread is for posts about trips you made in the past, last year or last decade or more. Ideally with a snapshot and some notes from your log book about the flight. Here is the kick-off;


On December 27, 1972 I hired Cherokee VH-PXV from Griffith aero club. PXV was a 1967 model, with the window winder trim in the roof. I was not a club member so I was checked out by R. Kuypers (30 minutes) and then set off with three passengers. We landed at Moorabbin after a 3 hour flight and went into Melbourne for a look around. Next morning flew to Launceston (3.08 hours) and picked up a car for a drive to Hobart. We watched the Sydney-Hobart yachts come in. On December 30th flew Launceston - Benalla - Griffith, a total of six hours.

This photo shows me (in red tee shirt) and two of the passengers prior to departure from Griffith.



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10 December 1978 - VH-WNN (C-172) Mudgee - Dubbo - Cowra - Mudgee Flight test at completion of navigation training.

19 December 1978 - Full PPL approved (Day VMC, Fixed Pitch, Fixed U/C)

7  January 1979 - VH-WES (PA-28-180 Cherokee) Dubbo - Bankstown overflying Katoomba and Orange - 1:50 hrs Full reporting

9  January 1979 - Reverse flight 2:15 Hrs

27 January 1979 - Dubbo - Mildura - Adelaide (Primary) VH-WES  5:20 hrs - Sartime

29 January 1979 - Reverse flight 5:20 Hrs


After a long break from July 1973 to March 1978, I resumed my RPPL training with George Campbell at Mudgee. I had 66:55 hrs logged when I started with George and after 75:25 I had my RPPL. I did some training in PA28-140's and 180's at Dubbo during the winter of 1978, then I returned to Mudgee where I did the test to lift the area restriction. The purpose of my first PPL fledgling flight was to go to Sydney for a Pre-selection interview for NSW Police. Later that month I flew from Dubbo to Adelaide with a lady friend to visit an old flatmate. Back then, landing at Adelaide Airport was a snack, and my mate lived near the airport. That's over forty years ago, and WES is still flying, but now it flies out of Camden. I must scrape some money together to join it back in the air.


Here's a picture taken at Adelaide Airport during the pre-flight for the return flight to Dubbo. I didn't move the relationship on with the lady. I was too busy being a Probationary Constable and was snapped up by another - together 40 years this March. Too bad the wife doesn't like light aircraft.





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My log book shows that on 21-10-92 I flew the Thruster that I still have from then home near Nyngan to Baçchus marsh, 9.8 hours with stops at lake cargeligo, Griiffith and  Tocumwal. I remember cruising along at 500 agl near Tocumwal when a 172 with flaps out pulled alongside, meet the pilot on the return journey and enjoyed his hospitality for the night. For entertainment I had a tape player plugged into the Carl Holden intercom, Carl was a well known instructor in Sydney, the intercom still works today. Not sure why but I only had one tape, George Harrison's greatest hits, all are burned into my memory now.

     The next day a short flight to  Torquay on the coast near Geelong were I meet up with friends who had sensibly driven down from Nyngan. We had a couple of great days at the Avalon airshow. Had a lot of fun flying the thruster along the beach and leaving single wheel tracks in the sand. Pic is my good mate Paul flying the thruster near Torquay. 

Photo149.jpg 20180726_161402.jpg
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