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RAAF Livery for a 'Civvy' A/c


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Can anyone specifically advise (or point me in the right direction towards getting definitive information) regarding painting a non-military aircraft in service colours? I have a cat 19 registered Hummelbird (tricyle gear) which is accidently an almostdirect 1/3 scale replica of thePilatus PC-9 trainer. I wish to present my "PC point 9" in RAAF "Roulettes" paint scheme complete with Air Force roundels however, many questions in many directions (starting off with the air force)as yet, haven't given me a clear answer. We see many VH rego'd ex-military machines(Tigers, Winjeel,Chippies, CT-4'setc) around the traps in full military colours but they are genuine, dues-paid, RSL members. Mine is a miniature military look-a-like only and as, such , maybe outside the permission zone.Anyone out there able to provide any enlightenment?



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Guest Fred Bear

I've never heard of anyone not being allowed to paint their aircraft in warbird colours. There are many warbirds out there with NAVY on them or CT4's with their original colours still intact. It's all about the rego, not the aircraft so I think you'd definitely be safe. Your aircraft is far from a PC9 so I'd be hard pressed to think that they have a case! You probably can't get an answer because there is probably nothing to prevent it.



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I did say some.. I am refering to the khaki/camouflage type of colour, so my comment does not relate to the roulette scheme but since the topic of military livery was raised, and visibility is a safety issue ,I mention it in that context only. My recollection is that post-war service aircraft, not on active duty, sported high visibility painted panels (dayglo?) frequently, but I'm not pretending to be an expert there. There are quite a lot of other paint colours that are not easy to see as well(dark green & dark blue for instance).N...



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One of my first ultralights was painted up in Winjeel silver and dayglo training type colours, primarily because it was silver dope finished!


I did have one complaint via the AUF from some disgruntled old Officer who didn't think I would be allowed to display the RAAF roundels?


Having actually flown the plane into a RAAF base on occasion, I never had any other complaints and forgot about it. :;)3:




My next plane looked a lot like an Army observation aircraft, but as I hate the Army, I refused to paint it green.


As such I followed a desert type scheme with low vis Kangaroo only markings. (no roundels)


When I repaint it, I may go the way of a Coast Guard style scheme.





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Virgin i dont think would care, i have seen cars painted up like their 737's. as for QF and their management, i dont think they would appreciate it..


When i get me Savannah Built and flying, i was intending to paint the rear half the same as my grandfathers Spitfire markings including roundels and RAF number.



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