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G'day all.


I fly an RAA registered Jabiru 230c, fitted with two Radios and a (Recently calibrated) Transponder. I have an RAA license with radio and cross country etc. endorsments. Operating out of Innisfail, I mostly fly South transitting around Townsville controlled airspace. I have been through Townsville using the the VFR routes after contacting ATC, but I was "being shown the ropes" with a PPL on board.


I have been told that with the above aircraft I am OK to fly into controlled airspace (with prior ATC contact for clearance of course). What I am looking for is the actual references to documents defining this action as within the rules. Can anybody help?


I was about to purchase a Flightcell mobile phone adaptor for my Jabiru (I just made a 7 hour round trip in lumpy air uneccessarily after missing a telephone call 15 mins after takes off). However, I now note that the Transponder manual says " Do not operate mobile phones at the same time as the transponder". Any knowledgable chap able to comment on this dilema; it must have also effected others?





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Ì understand that without a valid PPL oraccompanied by aGA instructor you cannot fly through controlled airspace. (being accompanied by a PPL does not meet this unless the PPLis PIC.


If you have a microair transponder in the JAB i have found that with some brands of mobile phones the altitude can be up to 400 feet out. I I dont know what effect there is on the position.


The flightcell works well and i guess on a lenghthy trip you could briefly turn the phone on to check calls then turn it off . Check your phone and see if it effects the transponder. The next g ones seem to be the worst as well as the motorola cdma's.


others on the forum may be more able to qualified to comment on these issues.



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To fly in Controlled airspace with a RAA registered aircraft the PIC needs to have his full AUF license and also full CURRENT PPL, also the aircraft must be equipped with a current Transponder..


If not, the PIC must be accompanied by a Certified GA instructer (PPL licensed passengers do not comply).


The reason for this is that the knowledge learnt in thePPL course is recognised by CASA and the syllabus is not covered by RA-aus..



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Guest Fred Bear

If I can add to that - if there is a GA instructor on-board, he must also hold an RA-Aus certificate as well. If he is instructing, he would need to be an RA-Aus instructor also.


This has been covered before in this forum and usually ends in a discussion on when the new Recreational Licence will come out which would be rumoured to include controlled airspace endorsements, but little has been said as fact regarding the arrival date.


Best thing you can do if you are going to be regularly in CTA is to get yourself a PPL. It's not "that" hard or expensive and opens doors for other operations. If you can afford to own a plane like a J230, you can definitely afford the cost of a PPL!


Section 95.55 of your RA-Aus tecnical manual covers the requirement for entry into controlled airspace. The limiting factor is your certificate in this case and notyour aircraft, given that you have a transponder fitted.


So in summary... there is an endorsement on your RA-Aus certificate that currently allows you entry into Controlled Airspace and it is called a PPL !


Of course, now that you have posted in a public forum that you illegally entered controlled airspace without a PPL you leave the moderators no choice but to report you to the authorities. Expect a CASA "please explain" letter in the mail shortly.





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Thanks for the information you confirmed all the paperwork I had found so far.


The PPL on board was PIC and RAA licensed.


Part of the process of moving to the 230 was to take a PPL course, but I was being told that this was not now neccessary and I could avoid my awkward route around the CTA.


So it will continue to be the awkward route until I find time for the PPL course.







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Exceptions to this rule can be made. At the last Avalon airshow (and I expect the same will apply for this one) a block exemption was applied for and gained from CASA which enabled radio but not transponder equipped RAA Aus registered aircraft pilotted by certificate holdersto fly into controlled airspace.


The controllers were very considerate with us and I had no problems. It was a good chance for us "ultralight/recreational" pilots to demonstrate our skills.


As a late comer to the sport and not having experienced the world of GA/PPL I certainly enjoyed and learnt from the experience.







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Guest AusDarren

5 requirements to use Controlled airspace in a RAAus Registered aircraft (in addition to clearance)


- Certified Aircraft (ie rego starts with 55)


- Certified Engine


- PIC Holds GA PPL (with current medical) (if your flying with an instructor Dual they are the PIC)


- Transponder (mode C)


- Radio


Hope this helps,







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Guest Fred Bear

Well not exactly...


Certified Aircraft (ie rego starts with 55)


- Actually ANY RA-Aus aircraft can fly into CTA as long as it has an APPROVED engine. A J230 does NOT have a certified engine, but it does have an "approved" engine, being a 4 stroke, twin ignition. Therefore 10- 24- 55- 19- 28- etc are all eligible including one of ourforum members with his 912 trike in 95.32!


Certified Engine


- Again, like I said, not a requirement. There is a difference between approved and certified.


PIC Holds GA PPL (with current medical) (if your flying with an instructor Dual they are the PIC)




Transponder (mode C)


Yes, but only required for Class A and C airspace and not for G, so you can enter a GAAP, such as Archerfield, Parafield, Moorabbin or Bankstown




Yep, definitely.


Same goes for GA registered homebuilts which practically are all eligible to enter CTA with approved engine and radio, plus Transponder if going into class C.


I hope that helps.



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