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Operations at Mittagong Aerodrome


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July 15, 2009 — RAAus have been requested to alert their membership to a number of incidents which have occurred at Mittagong recently. Examples include failure to establish operational runway, using incorrect circuit direction, failure to make inbound/overflying radio call and turning final approach as another aircraft was backtracking, as well as a low flying helicopter which compromised circuit traffic. (RAAus doesn't know if RA-Aus aircraft were directly involved in any of those incidents.)


Mittagong aerodrome is a busy area because it is close to both Bankstown and Camden, meaning there are large numbers of pilots either overflying or making practice approaches. Aircraft leaving and returning to the Sydney Basin tend to track via the aerodrome or they follow the freeway towards Goulburn, which places them in close proximity to the Mittagong circuit area. Additionally, there are increasing numbers of helicopters operating locally.


The aerodrome management wishes to stress that they welcome visiting aircraft, but please make the appropriate CTAF radio calls and check the current edition of ERSA in order to observe the local traffic regulations.


Thank you.



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