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Guest AusDarren

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Guest AusDarren

almost all Jabiru's sold / built to date have been Day VFR only.


The type certificate for the J160-C




Show it is certified in the Primary category.


I know Leaseair is promoting their airline version as NVFR, As is being operated by Royal Queensland Aero club in VH registration.


Have you flown a Jabiru at night yet Turtle?


I'm interested because a night rating is the next step I could achieve.


I'm hoping to do it next winter, when the sun sets a tad earlier.


Are any of you aware of anyone yet operating an IFR rated J160-C?


all those pigons had better keep a sharp eye for flying cats!..







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Guest AusDarren

OK Ok I blew it.. I put in a note to you to ask how to make a link clickable..


then after posting found that it just happened automaticly..


so it was 'Fixed' before I even asked..



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