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Happy Birthday Tomo!

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Hey this is a surprise! Thank you very much Darky! :thumb_up: it's been a great day so far! just going to go now and splurge myself on the motor bike for a bit!:big_grin:


And yes its the big 1-8!


Also thanks Ian for the Banner notice! I'm definitely not working too hard!010_chuffed.gif.c2575b31dcd1e7cce10574d86ccb2d9d.gif



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Well I won't have that problem thank goodness!


Smoking....! can't see the sense in that at all!:ah_oh:


Drinking, can't even stand the smell.... Coke or Lemonade is the go! or water!:thumb_up:


And yes! you're confused... but I translated what you meant! 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Hey Tom congratulations! Here's my toast to you (with a glass of lemonade) for a long enjoyable life and lots of fun flying.


Regards, Decca.024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Hey this is pretty cool guys! thanks heaps:thumb_up:


Yes I'm sure I'll have fun on my ferry flight... Only a short-ish one from Chinchilla to Dalby but! its still a mostly free flight.... other than driving there first!:big_grin:


I might see if I can attach the new camera's on somewhere and try 'em out!?


Thanks again to you all!:thumb_up:



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Guest mike_perth

Happy Birthday Tomo a birthday you share with Larry Mullen Jr`(U2's drummer)


Hope you had a good day - I like the time of yr last port!!



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