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Guest terry

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Hi all thruster guys, I'm in the process of rebuilding my t500 after an accident and am after any parts that anyone has surplus to there needs. My main problem was that I bent the main chromemoly frame and it's taken 18 months to find another one. I have most things but could do with


1/ two seats [pilot seat broken in crash]


2/ any aluminum tube from a thruster


3/ any of the stainless steel fittings


4/ one jury strut


5/ aluminum fuel tank or where to source one from


6/ one of the rudder pedals and the little s/s brackets


7/ tail fin


8/ aluminum wing ends [ mine are made of fibreglass


If anyone can help I'd appreciate it


Regards Terry



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Hi Pud, yesterday was maiden flight day. I haven't flown since my accident, well only once and that was for my bfr. I was a bit anxious


so I decided to go back to my flying instructor, get him to give it an airworthy inspection and me a couple of hours instruction. It was a bit windy so it made for some interesting flying. an hour or so in the air and I started to feel somewhat relaxed. I must say she flies just as good as she uses too. So at least I have started. If I thought it would've have taken this long maybe I might not have started the rebuild. Tomorrow I plan on doing curcuits on my own for an hour or so and then my instructer and I will do some stalls etc, in fact we might turn it into a bfr. I plan on flying every day if possible to gain some confidents back. I hope it doesn't take too long.


Thanks for your interest pud


Regards Terry



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Hi Terry... As someone who has recently had the great fortune and please to spend some time mucking about the sky in a Thruster and with the wish to become an owner sometime soon in the future I would be interested in what sort of follow up there was with the fuel line problem with your Thruster?


I found the thread but it stopped without an explanation or any indication that a fix was issued to Thruster operators.







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Hi Wins , we had many thoughts and ideas as to the cause but nothing concrete. I sent Tony hayes some photos of the fuel lines to look at and his comment was a typical thruster rats nest. I had an intake silencer on it which has much smaller jets [not any more] and had a hint of a problem but that's all. My Mags did not have equal rev drop during test. bert flood did not see that as a problem. When the engine was rebuilt we found a AD had not be complied with on the carbies but could see no reason for that to be a problem. when the engine was apart the L2 asked me what oil mixture and brand I used. he said he had never seen a 582 after 220 hours in as brand new condition and spotlessly clean with no coke at all so no problem there. I took the old saying clean fuel good spark to heart so I'm sure no problem there. So the end result was no result. I've made some changes that I think we improve the plane IMHO.


I didn't take Tony hayes advice and remove the primer bulb altogether because I think it acts as a non return valve as well as a primer.


I installed an additional primer bulb acessible by the pilot at waist high attached to the pod and I also moved the fuel shut off valve to the same postion. I'm very happy with the result.



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