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Commercial Pilots License

Guest jdbais

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Hi, I am new to the forums and to recreational aviation.


I have looked around the site and forums and have found it very useful.


I just have a query. I do intend to get my CPL but would like to achieve it through the Recreational Aviation route. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to achieve this? Do I get my PPL first then convert to RA or vice versa.


Hopefully someone in a similar situation can help me out which would be greatly appreciated.







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Guest AusDarren

The biggest killer is the hourly rate, followed closely by landing fees.


So Starting out at Hoxton Park is probably one of the better choices in the Sydney basin. CPL requires a minimum of 200 hours. or 150 if you go with a single school with an integrated course. Do the sums for both options.


there are lots of add ons these days such as exam fees and textbooks.


don't forget you will need a class 1 medical, some consider it wise to do an initial at the time you commence training, just to be sure there is nothing that will rock the boat later. if you wish to earn a living from aviation, the apprenticeship is usually as an instructor, so plan to add an instructor rating, as its likely that would be the first job you will get.


Another point is that each instructor and school has their own slant.


and it does take a while to get to know a new one. The way I'd do it would be to start RAA and go as far as I could, cross country perhaps even instructing, and then transition to GA. then go PPL NVFR command instrument CPL Multi Engine. If you plane to go Airlines all of this is essential. and your talking a very big investment of cash..


however it all starts with the first step :-)







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Good to see you out asking questions early! you'd be surprized how many people get 3/4 of the way through training befor starting to ask questions!!


It would make sense to start out in RAA aircraft probably all the way through to the cross country endorsment and then go get in a G.A. aircraft get your PPL which shouldn't take much and continue on to your CPL. The $$$ saving can actually be a fair bit!


After that its up to you RE Instructor Ratings/Instrument Rating/NVFR and all that stuff. Bare in mind I still haven't meet anyone who has got a Multi (let alone Multi IFR) job at 200hrs. So in my opion I'd wait until you have a bit of time under your belt befor doing an Instrument rating as it will only cost you money you probably don't have!


As for Instructor rating, please do everyone a favour and if you don't want to instruct don't do a rating! there is nothing worse than instructors who are there only for the hours so they can move on. There are plenty of jobs for low timers if you are prepared to move away from the big smoke.


Anyway thats my opion and get yourself into a real ultralight (Drifter or Thruster) and have a ball!





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There's a current thread discussing whether to expand your CPL via Instructing or by a CIR on http://www.pprune.org - go to D & G GA and Questions to locate the it.


You might be best served by talking to a flying school which runs both GA and RAA operations under the one roof. This would help you to more 'seamlessly' shift from RAA into GA to do your CPL, but obtaining a lot of lower cost experience in the RAA side.





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If your flying out of Hoxton park, in a Jabiru, is it safe to assume you are with Ashley? i fly Ashley out there and have for quite a few yrs, just hire mainly.


I have a PPl also, and when it comes time to do my BFR or work in a VH aircraft, i usually go to Liverpool flying school just next door.


GA schools in bankstown, even using Technams, still charge just as much as they would in a GA aircraft such as a cessna 172 or Piper... yet ashleys rates in the jabiru are very competitive. and the GA school next door are pretty good also..


dont forget, hrs in a jabiru do count towards your PPL and CPL i believe, so solo navs can be conducted using the jabiru, 940 has a trasnponder, so if your at PPL level, you can still enter Controlled airspace.


last time i spoke to Ashley, i think he said he was becoming a GA instructor also..



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What is required to convert your RAA licence to GA PPL licences...i.e hours and endorsements etc....


Also, any school provide the complete training from RAA Cert to Instructor????.



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Guest Biggles1

I think the wisest and cheapest way to a CPL is:-


First get your commercial pilot's medical passed.


Second Pass all the written exams.


Then start your flying (with the others out of the way you can concentrate on the flying course). Without the above you will never get a CPL.


This method has been tried and proven over 40 years with success.



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Hi, Great info people. I have wanted to be a pilot my whole life. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot then retire to an airline. Im now 34 and there are absolutely no signs that's ever going to eventuate. So my second best ideal job in aviation is to be a crop duster / cattle muster pilot. Theres a few Tractors (there the big dusters yeah?) and a little Ag wagon. who fly around here a lot (Finley NSW) there's a fair few crops around here. Plus I think they are going to spray for locusts or something this year too. But not 'till they start hatching or some such.


The reason I am here is also to find out the cheapest route to achieving my CPL. I have not yet learned all the acronyms in RAA yet but I'm getting there so bare that in mind for me, please ;-) I have done 11 hours in a Cessna 152 aerobat at torquay AP like 8 or 9 years ago, so I doubt that would even count any more. I have spent thousands of hours on various PC simulators mostly MS.


I stopped when I lost a high paying job I once had. I was paying $170 per hour at the time for plane and instructor. Even after I got my student permit I was still going to have to pay $130 PH just for the plane. Then there where tests, txt books, you guys know the drill. I'm sure everybody says it but if you can become a VET, a MD, a what ever at Uni with HECS, why not to be a pilot too. The problem is my only trade is Concrete. I have managed to burn myself out physically. Ive let my self go and there is no way in hell I could ever concrete again. Which kind of leaves me now broke. So yeah. I need to find the absolute Dirt cheapest (dangerous if necessary) route to Getting my CPL and other endorsements for Crop /cattle. I live in Finley NSW. Im not sure what airfields are north of me, but theres quite a few glider strips & sheds on my drive to melbourne, including mangalore, Sheparton. No idea whats at nagambie or deniliquin. Can I get hours with paragliding?


(Id love to try that out)


What Im hoping for here is some one to to say "Yep go to this club and talk to this bloke and you'll be right" So yeah if you have actually done your CPL through RAA in my area +/- 200Km then I want to hear from YOU!!! or anyone realy. Have a nice day :)



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Hello supercellkid,


Have a look at this website: Fly Victoria - Wangaratta, Shepparton & Locksley


I would be calling this place and having a talk with them what you want to achieve.


I fly with them at there wangaratta flight training and they are really good and affordable to deal with.


Pm me if you need to ask any questions



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You can get FEE-HELP (I think that is what it is called) if you do aviation through university. The majority of people doing those courses have airlines in mind though, not mustering etc.


Otherwise just go along to a school and move on from there. Yes, the flying, books, medical, ASIC etc are all expensive!



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