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Which has the longer???

Which is greater?  

  1. 1. Which is greater?

    • Vampire longer range
    • Sapphire Longer range
    • Vampire best cruise speed
    • Sapphire best cruise speed
    • Vampire T/O and land shorter
    • Sapphire T/O and land shorter

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im buying an aircraft shortly, as in the cash will be ready in 3 days...011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif either a Vampire or sapphire, and i cant decide...:;)4:


so my questions are which has the longer range? or endurance?


which has the greater cruise speed?


which has the shorter landing and TO distances?


basically im after something i can go places in....


hopefully both will have a 503 engine for comparison..


i am after real world figures, not published ones in brochures..


as for maintainence, both are equal, im a sheety by trade, so metal is Ok, and i have 6 yrs experience as a composite structures guy, so fibreglass is good...







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OK, the vampire guys are gonna hate me for this but;


Given the choice, I would take the Sapphire any day!


A 447 Sapphire would outrun a 503 vampire most days.


The Sapphire will take off shorter, climb quicker and true out faster for less fuel burn.


The Sapphire does tend to float a bit on landing so landing distances could be similar.


Both are a little cramped and can only carry limited baggage which you can't get at in flight, (Sapphire behind the seat, vampire out in the wing.


A little known fact is that the vampire can fold it's wings for hangarage if you make the right supports (we did this in the factory) but usually lives on an open trailer.


Sapphire's will go on a smaller trailer, but usually need two people to derig, (I have seen custom made one man derig stands)


Remember, the Sapphire IS a taildragger.





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Flew half way around Australia in a Sapphire.


Had enough room for everything to camp out. (except for the Mr Funnel)


Cruised regularly at 83 knots on a 447 (without spats)


For long distance flying you need greater fuel capacity - take the extra fuel tank in the seat option if you can. The bugger is having to walk a few K into small remote towns to get fuel. (Best to take it with you.)


Mine does not have flaps or air brakes. Never really felt the need for them anyway. They side slip beutifully.


Learned to fly in a Lightwing, then stepped straight into the Sapphire with no problems at all.


The long wings are a real bugger for hangarage.





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